About R-ght

Pick a half dozen people from your company and ask them for their elevator pitch. If they're not in sales, give them a minute to think it over, and have them tell you in 30 seconds or less what your product or service does. Bonus for what your brand means.

Capture what they say. Compare their stories. Note the differences.

Now, call on a few champions from your favorite customers. Ask them (graciously, politely, and without wanting to correct them!) how they think about your product or service. How do they think about your brand? Find out how they'd explain what you do to a peer who was curious to know more.

Capture what they say. Compare their stories. Note the differences.

Now compare the customers to your internal stakeholders. Are they similar? Different? How and why?

How you build Babel

Don't be alarmed when you find there are glaring differences at every phase of this exercise.

We take for granted that our products and services are the same for everyone. The truth is much messier. People choose your product or service for their own reasons.

Because software is so malleable, so personal, so private, how your customers, your users, use your product on a day to day basis will be wildly inconsistent with your expectations.

(And as for your internal stakeholders? Messier still!)

Babel is built you think everyone is having the same, consistent experience, but no common ground exists. There are no common stories, no unifying ideas. You think they're all trying to solve similar problems, but everyone knows it's so much more complicated.

It's your job to figure this out, to bring clarity to Babel.


Build clarity, move forward

R-ght was founded in 2024 to help build clarity at software companies. R-ght mixes customer research with the knowledge of what makes people tick to architect the messaging, stories, and brand concepts that connect to people and connect people to ideas.

R-ght is how ideas go forward.

Lead your customers to a future they believe in

Build the message, the story, and the brand that’s right.

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