The Enemy

The Enemy

Your enemy is their apathy.

Can you blame them for being cynical? The demands on their attention come from every direction. “Influencers” push products. “Thought leaders” push ideas. Even friends and acquaintances duke it out with algorithms for a moment of your time.

This gets worse every day with the relentless creation of content. How will your brand stand out? You can chase their attention, spending more in hopes of winning the day's favor. Sometimes you might even succeed.

But at what cost?

Stop to start

Consider that the only winning move may be not to play.

Stop playing those attention games. Stop turning your brand into a transaction.

Once you stop running — in place — you can slow down to think. You can begin to build.

Your strategy will be to develop relationships.

After all, that’s what brand is all about.

How all big things begin

Relationships require sacrifice. Commitment. They begin with listening.

Listen to their stories. You will learn what makes your brand right. You will turn their stories into myths.

You will show them the truth. You will give them something to believe in.

Defeat apathy with belief

Build the message, the story, and the brand that leads them to a future they believe in.

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