Executive ghostwriting on demand

The muse may be on holiday, but you don't have to wait for her return. Take your biggest ideas out of that desk drawer, dust them off, and let's get them ready to go out into the world.

Executive ghostwriting on demand

Hop in. Let's go for a ride.

R-ght's Justin Owings works with founders, CEOs, executives, investors, and comms leaders to craft persuasive and engaging content. Op-eds, keynote presentations, blog posts, Linkedin "thought leadership," announcements, books, even internal communications ...

You know where you want to go. R-ght will get you there.

The ghostwriting process is a partnership that begins with the subject matter expert, an interview, and — not long after — an approach, outline, and strategy. See below for a few publicly available work samples:

Op-ed for Cofounder & COO

How SaaS Products Ascend the “Trust Pyramid” - OpenView
SaaS products may be the future of how we work, but that future will only happen if we can learn how to build trust with your customers.

Rebrand launch for Cofounder & CPO

Meet the new Mural: Intentional practices. Extraordinary work. | Mural
Today, Mural gets a new brand and product user interface made to support collaboration that’s intentional and extraordinary.

Chairman thought leadership

Transforming how I work...
AthenePartners is all about transformation. Turns out, as I’m helping transform MURAL, MURAL is transforming me.

Category launch for Cofounder & CEO

Why do we leave collaboration to chance? | Mural
The biggest problem at work today? Disconnection. Collaboration Design is a new discipline for being deliberate about how we work — to connect and inspire people.

If you don't tell your story, no one will.

If you're the leader at your company, the one in charge, the person with the megaphone and you're not advocating for your big idea publicly, telling the world why your product is selling out, why your service is booking up for months, why your idea matters ...

You better believe no one else will.

(That includes your leadership team, your employees, and your customers.)

You have to break through their apathy.

You can't wait. Call in a professional, and let's go.

Get in the car

You can keep waiting around for that rare mix of of inspiration and time.Or call in a pro, ready to help.

Where you want to go?